LEAD is proud to announce we are now accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama!


EAGALA for Corporate Groups

 LEAD offers EAGALA Model sessions designed specifically for the unique needs of corporate groups, athletic teams, and youth groups.  Allow your team to rejuvenate mind and body by taking part in a unique team-building experience, outdoors, and unplugged.  These non-riding sessions with horses can cut quickly to the core of how people think and respond in day-to-day situations.  Our EAGALA Model sessions facilitate team building, develop leadership skills, and enhance accountability. We will help your groups work through real-world problems in a unique and challenging way. 

Equine Assisted Learning


Promote Teamwork

For teams, the EAGALA Model will highlight strengths & weaknesses & push participants to come up with workable & effective solutions that translate to real-world settings. More powerful than inspiring words, participants physically & mentally work out what needs to be done in a very profound way.


Improve Leadership

Interacting with horses is like looking in a mirror. What works gets reinforced, what doesn't becomes a catalyst for change. Engaging in new and challenging activities with intimidating Equine will magnify and highlight existing leadership and allow opportunity for growth in a way words cannot inspire!


Increase Accountability

All great teams require trust, honesty, and the humble ability to remain accountable for actions, successes, and mistakes.  The combination of physical interaction and mental exertion integrates neural connections in the brain. Our corporate groups allow you to play out real-life experiences and monitor responses with the horses without financial or client risk.  When your team returns to work, the mental images of your experience at LEAD becomes a reference point and serves as a guiding force in future team meetings and interactions. 

Corporate Group Offerings

2 Hour Team-building Package

Enjoy quality time outdoors with your group. Unplug, unwind, and promote a stronger more cohesive group. Participants will engage in team building activities with horses that create opportunity to bond and learn to work more effectively together. 

4 Hour Problem Resolution Package

Includes our proven team building activities while strengthening your teams communication skills, increasing accountability, and tackling real-world problems without the added stress that comes with being in the office, under a deadline, or working directly with customers. 

6 Hour Leadership and Self-Care Package

Includes our team building activities and problem-solving techniques along with exercises designed to promote and enhance leadership ability. Help your team break through the mental clutter that inhibits high achieving individuals from reaching new levels. Promotes inner well-being and wellness by including personalized curriculum to enhance self-care.